Book Editing & Proof Reading

In basic editing, we correct grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation, inappropriate length of the sentences and jargons. The intent of the sentences is not modified. No attempt is made to tamper with the writing style of the author. The simplicity of the sentences is maintained as-is. Proofreading is done after the interior is designed with the edited text. Proofreading is done to ensure there are absolutely no errors or typos in the composed interior file.

In Comprehensive editing, the editor not only corrects any obvious errors (grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation), but also rewrites sentences and paragraphs, if required to remove inconsistencies and ambiguities. The editor uses his/her expertise to ensure that the document makes sense, and the text is clearer and more understandable.

Interior Design

In interior designing service we ensure that your beautiful manuscript gets converted to a professional book when it reaches readers. Interior designing service is included in all our packages.

In basic premium interior designing we setup the page margin, size, indentation, title texting of plain text manuscript that is the book which doesn't have any image or table like novel or poetry collections.

Advanced interior designing is meant for interior of book which has images, tables, bullets, numbering, graphs and other advanced text. The books of academic genre are also falling under advanced text interior designing.

Design Services

Book cover is the face of a book. The face has to represent the true character and voice of the work it stands for. Hence, book cover design is an important task to be accomplished carefully to make the book a success. In basic cover design, we find suitable images matching the content from various stock photo repositories and provide the author with a variety of templates/designs to choose from. Aspects of the book cover touched include: front cover, title design, spine, back cover including book summary and author biography and ISBN barcode.

In premium cover design, expert designers review the work and custom design the cover matching the work type. We provide the author with a couple of designs to choose from. Professional consultation is associated along with custom design choice. After mutual consensus, we finalize the cover design for the book..

Advanced interior designing is meant for interior of book which has images, tables, bullets, numbering, graphs and other advanced text. The books of academic genre are also falling under advanced text interior designing.

Digital Marketing

Deciding to go for social media promotion is one of the smartest investments an author can make. We will be creating social media profiles for you in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. We will also be managing your social media pages for a month with regular posts and thereafter we will be sharing the credentials so that you can also manage the page. Social media helps self-published authors to directly connect with their target audience.

Whether you're looking to attract new readers, grow online sales, get the phone ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Google Ad Words can help. You can reach relevant readers on relevant book selling page across the web. We will be setting up Google ads for your and whenever your book name or the theme of the book is searched; your book will be on top results in Google. You can customise the daily invest on Google ads since it charges for per click on your selling page. When we set up the Google Ad Campaign, it will be for a month and then you can manage the Ad words with small daily investment.

Facebook is the biggest platforms for authors to promote their book. Facebook Ad Campaign will display the Ad of your Facebook page everywhere so that your target audience will keep on connecting on that page. We will run the Facebook Ad by boosting the posts and creating search keywords for your Facebook page. The process of running a Facebook page is same as that of Google Ad Campaign.

YouTube and Vimeo are the biggest platforms for videos and trailers. We will be creating a video teaser based on the theme of the book and it will be released on these sites. Apart from it, the video will be shared in social media as well. Video developers will read the blurb of the book and will discuss with you regarding the trailer before starting the process. The Trailer will reflect the theme of the book with 100% clarity and perfection since we are having professional video developer team.

Having an author website for every author is must. It is the platform through which your readers may know about yourself and about your book also. We provide one year of free hosting and domain along with service of author website designing. The service of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is included in author website. Along with Book Promotion Services, you also need to focus on Author Branding and building an author profile of yourself.
Our web development team will work on your website such that it will be one of the top results on google and other search engines. You can update your website anytime by just creating a support ticket without any additional cost.

Worldwide Distribution

Your book will be listed in all the leading online sales channels including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeals, Shopclues, etc. Your book will also be available on Sankalp Publication Book Store where you will get more benefit on each book selling since we do not deduct the distribution charge if the book is sold from our store.

For sure, if you are self-publishing a book, you want to take your title to a global level. We provide International Distribution directly through in paperback format in US, UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. INGRAM is also partner for the same. Here also 100% profit goes to author.

EBook is a new trend of reading books in mobile phones, laptops etc. Your book will also be available in eBook format in channels like Google Play store, Kindle, Google Books etc. Apart from it, we will also distribute the eBook version of your book though Our eBook Store.

We are having partners in offline book retailers also. The paperback copy of the book will be available on leading book stores in over 20 cities in India, the process requires maximum 30 days after the release of the book and print upgrade. The royalty in offline book selling will be provided in every six months. Depending upon the genre of your book, sample copies will be sent to the relevant distributors. After getting purchase request from the retailers, we will be supplying more copies on respective book stores. The Production cost of additional copies will be paid by author and after selling the royalty will be credited automatically.

Other Services

Copyright registration establishes a public record of your work and a proof of ownership of your creative work. In the event of a legal claim, or case of infringement or plagiarism, the copyright owner can produce a copy of the work from an official government source. We assist the authors in completing the copyright registration application with the Registrar of Copyrights, Government of India. On completion of the copyright application, you will receive a diary number. After verification, a copyright certificate is issued by the Registrar of Copyrights.

We provide translation services from English to various Indian Regional Languages and vice versa.

Have you written your manuscript on paper? No worries. Let us help you convert your hard copy into a digital document or plain text. This service does not include proof reading of your typed manuscript.